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  • The industry's only complete professional diagnostic tool system designed for independent professional repair facilities
  • Communicates with all current Harley-Davidson and Buell models using the proprietary VCM-TR4 Communication Module with included cables
  • Re-flash blank ECU, program VIN and Key Fobs
  • Perform radio and speaker calibration on current models
  • Easily perform speedometer calibration on current models
  • ABS bleeding and solenoid testing
  • Read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
  • Reset air/fuel values and adjust idle rpm
  • Perform active tests on tachometer, speedometer, fuel pump, idle rpm, system relays, cooling fans, alarm, IAC, ACR compression, injector coils, coolant pump, left or right turn signals and other systems
  • LED indicator tests for 6th gear, ABS service, battery, check engine, cruise control, high and low beam, neutral, oil, security and coolant temp
  • View real-time data in strip chart or digital dashboard formats
  • Fast data acquisition and many hours of data storage provides accuracy and saves time
  • Can easily update software online through Technoresearch to stay current on all features, years and model types
  • Included VCM-TR4b Communication Module is fully compatible with Direct Link & Centurion Diag (sold separately)
  • Includes Mobile Dyno with Android app that provides more than 20 hours of data logging
  • Durable metal housing and easy adapter system allowing for fast switches between motorcycles
  • Includes carry case, VCM-TR4b, cables
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • No se puede utilizar con sistemas basados en Android
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Super Pro Plus
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Analizador de diagnóstico



38070314 / TR4-001-005

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